Penguins in Driver’s Seat with Series Tied

When the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals resume on Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have the Nashville Predators right where they want them. The teams head back to Pittsburgh with the series tied at 2 games apiece after the Predators came to life in their last 2 matchups. They won by a combined score of

World Cup of Hockey News 9/6

Meaning will come a little earlier this hockey year with the World Cup of Hockey News that it is almost here.  Great to see NHL fans assemble here at APEX Hockey Betting. Starting on September 17th and going on until October 1st, this event has eight teams assemble for this third event.  First time in

2016 Columbus Bluejackets Projections

How does a team change none of their key players and the 2016 Columbus Bluejackets honestly feel like they can make a run into this post season?  Great to see everyone back again at APEX Hockey Betting.  Staying the course usually means that you have a bunch of talented but young players like the Oilers

NHL Offseason : Looking in on Vancouver

This NHL Offseason can be typified as a gold rush for the teams in Canada.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Hockey Betting.  With no team from the Great White North making the playoffs last year, fans will be bold with their entertainment dollars consuming merchandise from the franchise that will make the playoffs

Off Ice Problems for Evander Kane of Buffalo

Big moves by Buffalo might be offset by off ice problems for Evander Kane.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Hockey Betting.  The franchise most likely to make a significant jump this year was supposed to be the Sabres.  Big free agent signing plus the continued development of talent was to bode well for

2016 Stanley Cup Futures Sampling

Summer has not daunted hockey fans from the 2016 Stanley Cup Futures Sampling.  Good afternoon and it is great to see you all again here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Today, we have our eyes to the future.  Pittsburgh players are still traveling the country and hoisting the cup for all to see.  However, the prices

Best Free Agent Pickups Regardless of Price

Superstar signings tend to attract the headlines but are sometimes not the most beneficial moves in the entire league.  Good afternoon and thank you for seeing us here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Addressing need is almost as important as assembling a horde of talent on skates. Some teams spent big to get a leg up

Buffalo and Pittsburgh Off Season Moves

Off season moves can be stuck in limbo even after the decision to pull the trigger has been made.  Good Afternoon APEX Hockey Betting fans.  Today we look at two franchises near the opposite end of the spectrum in the NHL.  Pittsburgh has to make a decision on one of their key players.  Meanwhile Buffalo

Betting on a Stanley Cup Moment : Game Five 6/7

With Pittsburgh winning last night, now is the time for betting on a Stanley Cup Moment.  A star studded franchise since Mario Lemieux arrived decades ago, Pittsburgh has and has not dominated hockey.  They are one of the more recognizable brands out there but they only have three championships in franchise history.  Now this team

Corsi Star Power : Pittsburgh vs Washington Round Two 4/26

With a premier matchup for Round 2, Corsi star power will play a pivotal role in ferreting out the winner here.  Washington has home ice advantage due to their dominant regular season over the rest of the league.  Pittsburgh has returned to form after a disappointing season a year ago.  Good Day and welcome to