Off Ice Problems for Evander Kane of Buffalo

Big moves by Buffalo might be offset by off ice problems for Evander Kane.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Hockey Betting.  The franchise most likely to make a significant jump this year was supposed to be the Sabres.  Big free agent signing plus the continued development of talent was to bode well for

Best Free Agent Pickups Regardless of Price

Superstar signings tend to attract the headlines but are sometimes not the most beneficial moves in the entire league.  Good afternoon and thank you for seeing us here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Addressing need is almost as important as assembling a horde of talent on skates. Some teams spent big to get a leg up

Buffalo and Pittsburgh Off Season Moves

Off season moves can be stuck in limbo even after the decision to pull the trigger has been made.  Good Afternoon APEX Hockey Betting fans.  Today we look at two franchises near the opposite end of the spectrum in the NHL.  Pittsburgh has to make a decision on one of their key players.  Meanwhile Buffalo

Extra Equity in Depth

While not storming out of the gate, the teams with superior depth are the candidates for consistency in the 2015 season.  Why attempt to ride the tempest when calmer waters exist where profit is still aplenty?  Night in and night out, the following teams will perform maybe not at the highest of standards but will