Pacific Predictions to Profit By

Profit could be very plentiful for all of us in the Pacific Division.  APEX Hockey Betting has lined up all the favorites and dark horses for the divisions and this one stood out the most.  So let us take look if the Ducks will take flight or another team will wrest the top spot. Calculating

NHL Free Agency Gems for 2015

A vital aspect in keeping your hockey handicapping sharp is the tracking of trades and moves in free agency.  Even if they do not go down, the potential and rumors cause us to not only probe but see weaknesses in franchises we did not suspect were there.  All in all this well help us to

Canadian Teams Quite Active This Time of Year

Canadian teams are taking front and center in this edition of Apex Hockey Betting.  Alberta has made some recent moves to keep the momentum going in Calgary.  Edmonton has done some odd moves this week.  Finally, will Babcock get to work his magic on one of the more coveted young restricted free agents this year?

St Patrick’s Day Action for Our Apex Betting Family

Jet lag and an Irish holiday could cause the Blues'(44-20-5) players to come out a little flat in Calgary(38-26-5) this evening.  With the Flames in the midst of a war to get into the post season, they are saying the right things even if the results have not panned out as of late.  Factoring all of