Best Free Agent Pickups Regardless of Price

Superstar signings tend to attract the headlines but are sometimes not the most beneficial moves in the entire league.  Good afternoon and thank you for seeing us here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Addressing need is almost as important as assembling a horde of talent on skates. Some teams spent big to get a leg up

Start of the Road for 2016-17 NHL Regular Season

Long live the king and let us leap ahead to the 2016-17 regular season.  Pittsburgh has won the Stanley Cup and with their star power and plethora of goaltending, their reign might be a multi year one.  Good afternoon and welcome to APEX Hockey Betting.  Today, we start looking on the horizon for next season.

Stanley Cup Futures : A Balanced West Opens Up Playoffs 4/12

Final days of action caused some shifts in playoff scenarios but the smoke has cleared for APEX Hockey Betting’s Stanley Cup Futures.  Most of the media was buzzing about the mad rush in the Eastern Conference watching average teams nab the last two playoff spots.  Consider this to be the opening act and now we

Who Not to Bet Your Bankroll on for This NHL Season

A majority of us want to hop on the next big thing.  Look at the Islanders last season as they exceeded expectation with their exciting brand of hockey.  However, the teams that went south for a period of time or for the entire season were just as bankable.  Detroit and Pittsburgh are finally gravitating back

Tampa Evens Stanley Cup but Has Advantage

Tampa Bay did what was expected and evened the Stanley Cup Final at one game apiece with a four to three win on Saturday night.  After giving away the opener, Chicago returned the favor but in a more subtle way than Tampa did.  What was the error that allowed Tampa to triumph?  How is it

An Odd Reality in the NHL Chicago Visiting Vancouver Tonight!

During the first half of the NHL season, we typically get a few Twilight Zone games.  The linesmakers do not know what to think  of the game.  This necessitates them throwing out a cautious number hoping that by doing so they will not get one sided action.  In reality, the odds are not a true