Dipping Into the Well a Second Time with Corsi Percentage

Apex Hockey Betting examined what the Corsi percentage was and how it could effect handicapping the NHL in an earlier set of articles.  This hockey metric attempts to represent possession of the puck with an easy to read percentage.  Teams that handle the puck more would naturally have more chances than not. Having examined the

Dangers of MoneyLine Every Game and Corsi Part Two

In the first part of the series, we were examining the metric Corsi percentage and how it could be used for hockey wagering.  The stats were looked at and it was given that the San Jose Sharks were vastly underperforming in their record against the perceived possession that their hockey team was getting.  The pronouncement

Corsi Percentage Metric and a Team to Tail for the Month

Corsi percentage is what we covered in the first article last week.  I will pick up where my esteemed co-worker left off.  NHL fans are now catching onto a team that has surprising results so far.  Does the Corsi percentage indicate that the results are warranted or are they a flash in the pan?  Also