Stanley Cup Futures : A Balanced West Opens Up Playoffs 4/12

Final days of action caused some shifts in playoff scenarios but the smoke has cleared for APEX Hockey Betting’s Stanley Cup Futures.  Most of the media was buzzing about the mad rush in the Eastern Conference watching average teams nab the last two playoff spots.  Consider this to be the opening act and now we

Pacific Predictions to Profit By

Profit could be very plentiful for all of us in the Pacific Division.  APEX Hockey Betting has lined up all the favorites and dark horses for the divisions and this one stood out the most.  So let us take look if the Ducks will take flight or another team will wrest the top spot. Calculating

Darkhorses for Lord Stanley’s Cup

Landmines can make the easiest roads to travel perilous.  Smooth sailing is supposed to be the norm for the top seeds but they are a few sharks left in the shallow waters.  Which teams out there have the punch to strike back this April?  Also which team is utterly toothless and should be faded?  Read

Polarization Among Most of the Teams as NHL Playoffs Near

Most of the league has reached a state of polarization.  The teams that know they are out can be quality selections for wagering if they have established farm systems to audition.  Also the teams near the top are finding a middle gear that enables them to both keep their seeding and rest of some of their

Puckline Prediction in Edmonton

A hopeful era of flux is just starting for the Edmonton Oilers.  A coaching change was hoped to bring in a new attitude to the woeful Oilers mid season.  As the season wears on, ownership is taking the stance that no one is untouchable in this organization.  As a result, players are motivated by something