NHL Players on the Decline for 2016

Not all are going to improve as we look at NHL Players on the Decline for 2016.  Great to see everyone back here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Today, we look at whose going to be a step slower for the upcoming regular season.  Where the years on the ice are finally going to take a

Fade Montreal? Time to move in Opposite Direction

A tangled tale of two teams in opposite directions highlights the start of the 2015 NHL season. Both Montreal and Anaheim were projected to be at or near the top tier of NHL talent. One franchise has exploded from the gate while the other is suffering from internal implosions. Find out which is which and

Strong Start for Montreal

Canada has been wanting a strong start from one of their marquee teams for years.  Finally, the Canadiens seem to have risen up to the occasion.  They are the lone unbeaten NHL team winning their first six games.  Impressively, they dismantled Detroit last night with a three goal third period.  Very few vulnerabilities presented themselves

NHL Playoff Wagering Is Finally Here

  A wrecking ball cut a wide path through the NHL this season.  Many traditional powers are already on the sidelines.  Find out whom we had hopes for that will not get to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Apex Hockey Betting presents to your own initial thought about the NHL playoffs this year. Broke Our

Apex Hockey Ratings After Trade Deadline

After the smoke of the trade deadline cleared, a reassessment is necessary as to the buys and sells of the NHL.  Some teams are so hot that even with high chalk, their return will be profitable.  One southern team has such a basic flaw that even the scrubs of the league can come through against