Stanley Cup Wagering Almost Upon Us

As we roll into the final few games of the NHL season, two points of interest usurp all the other relevant factors.  One is the fascinating push for the last wildcard spots with three games to go.  The second is how the upper echelon is shaking out as the first round approaches.  Apex Hockey Betting

Apex Hockey Ratings After Trade Deadline

After the smoke of the trade deadline cleared, a reassessment is necessary as to the buys and sells of the NHL.  Some teams are so hot that even with high chalk, their return will be profitable.  One southern team has such a basic flaw that even the scrubs of the league can come through against

Crown Jewel Becomes a Seller As Toronto Deals Key Players to Nashville

  Canada’s crown jewel in hockey has become a seller.  Toronto has been in such a tail spin that it was on the receiving end of a first round draft pick in a recent trade.  The Predators get Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli to gear up for a playoff run.  This move plug holes with