Penguins in Driver’s Seat with Series Tied

When the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals resume on Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have the Nashville Predators right where they want them. The teams head back to Pittsburgh with the series tied at 2 games apiece after the Predators came to life in their last 2 matchups. They won by a combined score of

APEX NHL Betting Free Pick of the Day 12/6

NHL evenings just got more profitable when we saw the following change in the lines.  Good afternoon and this is APEX Hockey Betting reporting in.  We have a free pick that is ripe with value.  Rest or the lack of it is a game changer that the mathematically based formula the linesmakers utilize can not

Pacific Predictions to Profit By

Profit could be very plentiful for all of us in the Pacific Division.  APEX Hockey Betting has lined up all the favorites and dark horses for the divisions and this one stood out the most.  So let us take look if the Ducks will take flight or another team will wrest the top spot. Calculating

GM’s On the Edge

One of the tried and true ways to determine a strong regular season start is to examine which GM’s are on the hot seat.  Normally the regular season is about fuel conservation towards the playoffs.  Burn to bright early and your team does not have that vital kick to finish it off.  However when your

NHL Playoff Wagering Is Finally Here

  A wrecking ball cut a wide path through the NHL this season.  Many traditional powers are already on the sidelines.  Find out whom we had hopes for that will not get to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Apex Hockey Betting presents to your own initial thought about the NHL playoffs this year. Broke Our

Puckline Prediction in Edmonton

A hopeful era of flux is just starting for the Edmonton Oilers.  A coaching change was hoped to bring in a new attitude to the woeful Oilers mid season.  As the season wears on, ownership is taking the stance that no one is untouchable in this organization.  As a result, players are motivated by something

Result Orientated Euphoria in NHL Wagering

  Few things make life worth living more than being correct and winning money on top of it.  Colors seem brighter and there is a pep in one’s step that propels them through the day.  We are going through this at ATB right now with our NHL Consensus Article Series.  In it, we take the