Penguins in Driver’s Seat with Series Tied

When the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals resume on Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have the Nashville Predators right where they want them. The teams head back to Pittsburgh with the series tied at 2 games apiece after the Predators came to life in their last 2 matchups. They won by a combined score of

2016 Columbus Bluejackets Projections

How does a team change none of their key players and the 2016 Columbus Bluejackets honestly feel like they can make a run into this post season?  Great to see everyone back again at APEX Hockey Betting.  Staying the course usually means that you have a bunch of talented but young players like the Oilers

Edmonton and Detroit Summer Activity

Edmonton and Detroit are next up in our radar for summer activity.  Edmonton is hoping to make that next leap forward this year.  Meanwhile, the Red Wings have to grind hard at the end of the year to just make the playoffs.  Is this the year their record playoff appearance streak finally comes crashing to

Game Two : Sharks at Penguins Parlay Leg 6/1

No more nerves is the mantra for Game Two backers of San Jose going int Wednesday.  First period was all about calming the butterflies but Pittsburgh would have none of it.  They swarmed the net for the last 15 minutes of the first period and was rewarded with a 2-0 lead.  After that, SJ found

Dirtier Hockey with Less Enforcers

Goons used to wobble on skates with impunity in the NHL.  Most every team had that specialized player to be sent on the ice if the other team got too far out of line.  These days this luxury is becoming a rarity.  Learn from APEX Hockey Betting on why our sport is getting dirtier and

Tampa Evens Stanley Cup but Has Advantage

Tampa Bay did what was expected and evened the Stanley Cup Final at one game apiece with a four to three win on Saturday night.  After giving away the opener, Chicago returned the favor but in a more subtle way than Tampa did.  What was the error that allowed Tampa to triumph?  How is it

Benefits of Betting Hockey at an Online Sportsbook

Playoff time is not supposed to be the only time of the year for the hockey enthusiast to cash in on his knowledge.  Our beloved sport has its players lacing up their skates all year long.  The time is to broaden your horizons from the mundane that your local deigns to offer you.  By betting

How Low Can a Stanley Cup Total Go?

Stand up and be accounted for is a famous saying for those that have to answer the roll call.  Most do this by pushing back their chair and rising for everyone to see.  One NHL’er is accomplishing this by standing on his head.  Left for dead, Montreal is now in the series after a thrilling

Deconstructing the Needs of NHL Teams

Toronto is in a period of lamentation.  Loyal fans desperate for post season success were complaining about their Maple Leafs.  They said that this team was too vulnerable due to their high scoring style.  What was needed was a more disciplined approach and then success will come.  Well, Toronto is now not only bad but

Maple Leafs Californian Back to Back Too Much for Them?

Toronto (22-18-3)  is in no man’s land right now.  They got the clamps put on them tight as the Kings shut them out two to nothing.  A free wheeling offense may be no more.  This is coming at the worst of times as they have back to back games this Wednesday and Thursday in California.