Penguins in Driver’s Seat with Series Tied

When the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals resume on Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have the Nashville Predators right where they want them. The teams head back to Pittsburgh with the series tied at 2 games apiece after the Predators came to life in their last 2 matchups. They won by a combined score of

Here’s Mud In Your Eye Cost NHL Ref One Game

Hockey has usually operated by a code of conduct that would confuse American sports  More associated with Canada, some of the decision making by the league office confounds the logic of their American brethern.  This edition of  Apex Hockey Betting will look at what maligned ref got his livelihood yanked for one game for something

Significant Saturday Happenings in the NHL

Saturdays are usually a log jam in the NHL.  Yesterday was no exception as we saw almost the full complement of teams take to the ice.  Whom stood out not only on an individual basis but in our collective memories for the future?  We like to honor these achievements and examine how we can augment