APEX NHL Betting Free Pick of the Day 12/6

NHL evenings just got more profitable when we saw the following change in the lines.  Good afternoon and this is APEX Hockey Betting reporting in.  We have a free pick that is ripe with value.  Rest or the lack of it is a game changer that the mathematically based formula the linesmakers utilize can not

How Low Can a Stanley Cup Total Go?

Stand up and be accounted for is a famous saying for those that have to answer the roll call.  Most do this by pushing back their chair and rising for everyone to see.  One NHL’er is accomplishing this by standing on his head.  Left for dead, Montreal is now in the series after a thrilling

Stanley Cup Wagering Almost Upon Us

As we roll into the final few games of the NHL season, two points of interest usurp all the other relevant factors.  One is the fascinating push for the last wildcard spots with three games to go.  The second is how the upper echelon is shaking out as the first round approaches.  Apex Hockey Betting

Overworked but not Under Appreciated in Minnesota

Over Kill Squeezing every penny’s worth, the Minnesota Wild are playing their goalie to death.  In a furious push to possibly get a wild card birth, Devan Dubnyk will start his 26th straight game.  One of the tally includes him being a member of the Coyotes.  He has also played almost every possible minute only

Crown Jewel Becomes a Seller As Toronto Deals Key Players to Nashville

  Canada’s crown jewel in hockey has become a seller.  Toronto has been in such a tail spin that it was on the receiving end of a first round draft pick in a recent trade.  The Predators get Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli to gear up for a playoff run.  This move plug holes with

NHL Post All Star Game Free Picks As Action Starts Back Up

Prolonged breaks that revolve around All-Star games grate the fans.  Days without quality hockey has people searching for Don Cherry on Youtube to get their daily fix.  Well my friends, the wait is over and we might be richer for it.  With fresh legs, the stable results we seek are present once again.  Few people