Betting on a Stanley Cup Moment : Game Five 6/7

With Pittsburgh winning last night, now is the time for betting on a Stanley Cup Moment.  A star studded franchise since Mario Lemieux arrived decades ago, Pittsburgh has and has not dominated hockey.  They are one of the more recognizable brands out there but they only have three championships in franchise history.  Now this team

Propel to Profit With These Teams in November

October closed out with some juicy trends about to emerge.  We correctly pegged the time when Montreal was ripe to fade.  Now the crack staff here at APEX Hockey Betting is at it again.  Find out in our first edition of November, what are the new paths of profit to trod on right now! Fade

Extra Equity in Depth

While not storming out of the gate, the teams with superior depth are the candidates for consistency in the 2015 season.  Why attempt to ride the tempest when calmer waters exist where profit is still aplenty?  Night in and night out, the following teams will perform maybe not at the highest of standards but will