Stanley Cup Futures : A Balanced West Opens Up Playoffs 4/12

Final days of action caused some shifts in playoff scenarios but the smoke has cleared for APEX Hockey Betting’s Stanley Cup Futures.  Most of the media was buzzing about the mad rush in the Eastern Conference watching average teams nab the last two playoff spots.  Consider this to be the opening act and now we

Propel to Profit With These Teams in November

October closed out with some juicy trends about to emerge.  We correctly pegged the time when Montreal was ripe to fade.  Now the crack staff here at APEX Hockey Betting is at it again.  Find out in our first edition of November, what are the new paths of profit to trod on right now! Fade

St Patrick’s Day Action for Our Apex Betting Family

Jet lag and an Irish holiday could cause the Blues'(44-20-5) players to come out a little flat in Calgary(38-26-5) this evening.  With the Flames in the midst of a war to get into the post season, they are saying the right things even if the results have not panned out as of late.  Factoring all of