NHL Offseason : Looking in on Vancouver

This NHL Offseason can be typified as a gold rush for the teams in Canada.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Hockey Betting.  With no team from the Great White North making the playoffs last year, fans will be bold with their entertainment dollars consuming merchandise from the franchise that will make the playoffs

Under Valued Net Minders for 2015

While the prices will remain too high on the goaltending elite, it is APEX Hockey Betting’s job to find those that will exceed their expectations this year.  The first month or two of the regular season will be rife with inaccuracy with money prices.  Let us take a look at which of those men between

Are the Young Gun Islanders Tiring Out West?

Near the end of 2014, both fans and linesmakers caught on to the act of the New York Islanders (26-12-1).  Here was a franchise ready to cash in on oodles of young talent.  The regular season would be their apprenticeship to hone the craft of winning.  Well, the education started well out west but they

NHL Free Pick : Vancouver at Washington

Have they turned the corner and become the regular season warriors we expect from north of the border?  Well for Vancouver to get to prove that they have recovered from past playoff failures, they must first get to the post season.  This has not been a problem for them so far as they have started

An Odd Reality in the NHL Chicago Visiting Vancouver Tonight!

During the first half of the NHL season, we typically get a few Twilight Zone games.  The linesmakers do not know what to think  of the game.  This necessitates them throwing out a cautious number hoping that by doing so they will not get one sided action.  In reality, the odds are not a true