2016 Stanley Cup Futures Sampling

Summer has not daunted hockey fans from the 2016 Stanley Cup Futures Sampling.  Good afternoon and it is great to see you all again here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Today, we have our eyes to the future.  Pittsburgh players are still traveling the country and hoisting the cup for all to see.  However, the prices

Be Bold with Bet33 on Washington @ Pittsburgh Game Six

Special quality to stand up and be bold with Bet33 on Washington when the rest of the markets are going the other way.  Good morning and welcome to APEX Hockey Betting.  On today’s radar is Game Six between Washington and Pittsburgh.  Penguins are starting to feel a little bit of the pressure with this being

Dallas and Washington Upgrade for 2015 Season

The season looms closer as franchises seek to continue their success or alter their misfortunes for 2015.  It has to be a more exciting season as rule interpretation will bring back some of the goal scoring.  Few leagues depend upon their gate more than the NHL. Apex Hockey Betting will look at two franchises seeking

Bargain Hunting in the Washington at Pittsburgh Game

No one wants to rely on the wild card to get them into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  So even with seventy points, the Capitals are in but not comfortable.  The good news is that the three teams above them are all within five points.  Tonight, they get the chance of narrowing the gap by taking

NHL Free Pick : Vancouver at Washington

Have they turned the corner and become the regular season warriors we expect from north of the border?  Well for Vancouver to get to prove that they have recovered from past playoff failures, they must first get to the post season.  This has not been a problem for them so far as they have started