Tampa Evens Stanley Cup but Has Advantage

Tampa Bay did what was expected and evened the Stanley Cup Final at one game apiece with a four to three win on Saturday night.  After giving away the opener, Chicago returned the favor but in a more subtle way than Tampa did.  What was the error that allowed Tampa to triumph?  How is it that the Blackhawks error might stay in their system more than the Tampa one did? Read on at Apex Hockey Betting to see what this is and how to pounce on it.

Tampa’s Was Unusual

Ryan’s abortive breakaway in Game One provided the moment in time in which it made it possible for the Blackhawks comeback.  Now Chicago’s was more of a result of attrition.  Patrick Sharp has been logging monster minutes with no rest in sight.  Just a minute after an early Chicago goal in the third, he committed not one but two loose infractions involving his stick.  His team held out on the penalty kill for the first one but the second resulted in Jason Garrison’s goal to give them a 4-3 lead.

Mental Fog

Tired legs are the easiest thing to point to in the Stanley Cup Finals.  From that even stick penalties like tripping happen more often.  The hidden aspect of this near exhaustive state is the mental fog and grip on your hands. One moment lost and you find your stick elevated and creating contact with your opponent’s face.  This and other small factors let loose a torrent of preventable infractions.  This was the direct cause of losing game Two.

So now both teams basically squandered chances to pull ahead.  Instead they cancel out and we have an even series.  Just because Chicago now has the home ice advantage, do not wager on them.  Tampa has been the better of the two teams in creating chances.  With a series price right now of +140 on the Lightning, this is your Free Pick to Profit By for Apex Hockey Betting.  Good fortune and we will see you after Game Three.