Top Hockey Pay Per Head Services

Hockey Pay Per Head services provide a massive betting menu. This improves bookie’s profits and bettors’ needs.

Key Points

– The top hockey pay per head services offer the most hockey betting options.

– Bookies should look for PPH services that offer the best combination of hockey betting options, other features, and pricing.

Hockey Pay Per Head Services

When it comes down to finding the top hockey pay per head services, bookies need to look for the service that provides the best mix of hockey bets combined with other features that allow for the maximum profit.

The bottom line of any sportsbook is to make money. The best pay per head service is the one that allows you to make the most. 

In order to find the best PPH service for hockey, bookies have to look at a variety of factors. The first, of course, is the betting options on hockey.

The Hockey Betting Board

Remember, for every bet you take on hockey, you will receive a percentage of that bet. The more hockey betting options you have available, the greater chance you have at higher profits.

NHL Betting Menu

If you only offer NHL bets, for example, you are losing out on a number of professional hockey leagues around the world. Betting on the KHL, for example, is another big market. Find a PPH service that can help you offer it to your bettors.

Within each league, you should be able to offer numerous wagers too. There should be a lineup of team and player props as well as special bets. Betting NHL futures, parlays, and alternative moneyline and puck line bets should be part of the lineup. Again, the more you offer, the greater the opportunity for you to earn higher profits.

Software When Using Hockey Pay Per Head Services

In addition to the hockey betting options, the actual software should be from an experienced, reputable service. There should be access to reporting on the backend for the bookie as well as access for the bettor.

Bettors should be able to access their accounts and check lines and odds from anywhere at any time. A user-friendly environment adds to the experience and keeps bettors coming back for more.


Pricing is always important because it will affect your bottom line. Do not fall for the trap of simply using a cheap pay per head service. In the industry, you get what you pay for.

Typical PPH fees are around $10 per head. Some will charge less. Some may charge more. Find the pay per head provider that offers you the best of everything – betting options, user experience, pricing, etc. 

Pay Per Head Reviews

One of the things bookies can do to help them find the top hockey pay per head services is to read pay per head reviews. Read other customer reviews of PPH providers. Pay close attention to their experience with a PPH. 

Most pay per head services will even let you try their software for a short amount of time. With a decision that is so important, it may be worth the time to use a free trial to see if a company’s service is best suited for your operation.

It all comes down to finding the PPH that offers the best hockey betting options and allows a bookie the opportunity to maximize profits.