We Have Our Stanley Cup Final : Chicago and Tampa Bay Free Pick

Both have made it through respective gauntlets.  Thrilling seven game ordeals that leave both teams spent.  Chicago is trying to cement their dynasty with a third cup in the last six years.  Tampa wants to expand their trophy case with a second championship.  Apex Hockey Betting will get right down to it and see why we picked whom we did to take it all home.

Speed Equates to Entertainment

The NHL got a quality matchup here as both teams are young, have speed, and like to skate.  No left wing locks or New York Rangers limitation style of hockey.  Fanbases from both sides are really happy as they have built their teams with a core of players that the towns got to know over the years.  Even with that in mind, the recent success of the Blackhawks give them a sizable experience edge in this series.  The Lightning have zero skaters from the 2004 title and only three from the squad that got to the Eastern Conference Finals just four years ago.  How will this matter right out of the gate on Wednesday?


The free pick of the day is going to revolve around the following. Even with the experience advantage to Chicago, the game is at Tampa and this over rides it early on.  The Blackhawks had to deal with physical punishment from the Ducks.  Their top four defensemen have logged monster minutes.  Lightning skaters are nimble with speed to spare.  Look for Tampa to storm out of the gates in the effort to exert their will on the pace.

Even though the Blackhawks win this series, the Lightning take Game One.  -125 for the price on TB is better than the over five goals at a chalker cost.  The Apex Hockey Free Pick of the Day is Tampa for Game One.  Sit back, watch the star power skate, and place your wager on America’s Bookie today.