Who Might Take Home the Hardware for 2015-16 NHL Season?

Do we have to do an awards preview even before the season starts?  This might seem like folly but by projecting where some of the strongest play for will translate into an additional handicapping tool.  Who is expected to have standout goaltending this year?  How about the league leader in scoring?  Stay tuned to APEX Hockey Betting to see the who and where for potential hardware in 15-16 season.

Favorite and Long Shot for Art Ross

How Sidney Crosby is the favorite near 3/2 to lead the league in scoring for Pittsburgh is beyond me!  Yes he is a name but he as well as him team’s best years are behind him.  However since the linesmakers hold them in such high regard necessitates us to go back and take a second look at this player.  In the next edition we will look and see what they saw in him.  For our money, give us John Tavares for the Islanders.  An up and coming young team that likes to skate and score.  Energy to get it going during the long grind of the NHL season has us high both on the player and the team in this case.

Calder Trophy

Last year we saw Calgary astound people by making and going deep in the playoffs.  This season it happens to be the time for another team from Alberta.  As Connor McDavid goes, so will the Oilers.  Plenty of chances to feed onto each other.  Finally it seems that all the high draft picks for the Oilers are going to get it together. Another team we are high on is the Oilers.

Goaltending who knows as to which player will pluck the Vezina.  Lundqvist of the Rangers have the luxury of playing for more of a snug team than Price with Montreal.  Pekka Rinne at 7/1 for Nashville is our pick.  He will have the luxury of playing for a team that will be on early in the season.   Fueled by the collapse of last year, this might be the season when they make amends to the fans.  Rinne will lead this franchise to a deep playoff run this year.

We will have additional hockey articles as the season is starting this week.  Stay tuned to Apex Hockey Handicapping for more free picks staring early next week.