Who Not to Bet Your Bankroll on for This NHL Season

A majority of us want to hop on the next big thing.  Look at the Islanders last season as they exceeded expectation with their exciting brand of hockey.  However, the teams that went south for a period of time or for the entire season were just as bankable.  Detroit and Pittsburgh are finally gravitating back to the back.  Finally, look at what Toronto lacked to achieve when they instilled their defensive style of hockey halfway through the season.  APEX Hockey Betting is going to examine a few players who individually and team wise will be on the decline this year.

Pull the Trigger in Ottawa

The old gray mare aint what she used to be is that old diddy meant to remind us when a hard worker should be allowed to go out to pasture.  For the Senators, this should really be done with Craig Anderson.  He had a solid season last year but at 34 his best days are behind him.  If the franchise gets obstinate and insists on starting him more than back up Andrew Hammond then the over on the totals better come through with them early on.  If not then Ottawa could be a fade for the most part when Anderson starts.

Hossa and Dumping Salary

Chicago might have seen the end of their dynasty.  Shedding salary is one sure sign that the elite teams are about to end.  Also hanging on to those aging stars on the cheap also means leaner times.  Marian Hossa is sure to see a decline in production this season.  He will never hit a hundred points again.  Relying on a player with a recent history of back problems is a tricky proposition.  Look for the Blackhawks to come out of the gate strong for the first month before all these problems become plagues for them.  Circle this team as a fade no matter how they play after the first month.  Father time will catch up with them unless they get an unlikely infusion of youth between now and then.

So we have our first two tendencies to embrace for 2016.  Craig Anderson starts for the Senators should be cheered for by the opposition.  Also the Blackhawks will be vulnerable as a fade in late November on.  Now is the time to do your prep work to prepare your bankroll to go.  Invest in yourself with a deposit at America’s Bookie.  Parlay your superior sports knowledge into cash today.